Jennifer Steil Interviewed Me, and I Rocked It, or Something

Last year at the New Orleans Hands On Literary Festival, I was launching my poetry book, Siren Song. I met the beautiful, brilliant, and completely amazing Jennifer Steil.  We’ve been inseparable since, at least as inseparable as two people who live in different countries can be.  Once, we went to dinner at a posh French cafe in New York, and I set the table on fire with a candle.  She says she fell in love with me at first sight, but I’m pretty sure she really fell when my napkin went up in flames.

In other news, Jennifer, who is a real-life ambassador’s wife, is launching her new book, The Ambassador’s Wife, tomorrow in New York.  It’s brilliant.  I loved it and wrote lots of things about it, and her, in my piece on Burlesque Press titled “Of Glitter, Pinot Noir, and Setting Napkins on Fire: How I Fell for the Ambassador’s Wife.”  You can read it here:

The book launch happens at Book Culture at 7 p.m.  I’ll be the tipsy girl in the corner by the wine, looking at Jennifer with moony eyes.  I may or my not have a Jennifer Steil T-shirt.  (I’m trying to get one made. It’s hard when you live on the road.)  Be there, or be square, kids.  It’s not often you get so much pretty all in one place.

Oh, wait.  This blog was originally intended to be about this interview.  Here it is:

“Holy shit. I may not get beat up at rock shows anymore.” Interview with Tawni Waters


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