So far, 2016 has been a study in renewed hope for me. I woke this morning to find this beautiful photo in my newsfeed. It was taken by photographer Joshua Thomas in my home state, New Mexico, the first week of the new year. I also found this poem I wrote four years ago today in my Timehop. The combination of the two things filled my heart with hope. Dawn always follows darkness. It’s universal law.

Three Days After Apocalypse

Dreams lick Easter morning awake
as cawing crows flap and tangerine sun rises
to vomit blood over shattered land.
No one knew it was Easter then. No one sang of resurrection.
They only hunched on stone stoops with sullen eyes
and wondered why their long acquaintances with death
had ever been disturbed by life at all. 

Who wakes now on this miracle morning
seething, percolating rage
as the coffee maker steams
not knowing that today
might be the day that changes everything?

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