It’s Time for Republicans to Oppose Trump

Several years ago, I was lucky enough to meet Daniel Wallace, a brilliant writer and thinker from the UK who was dating, and later married, one of my best friends. (I officiated their wedding.)

Daniel is unequivocally one of the smartest people I have ever known. When we sit down together to drink, I always end up feeling like I really, really need to read some books because I don’t know anything about half of what he talks about. But he’s never showing off. He just genuinely believes everyone else is as smart and well-read as he is. He’s kind and warm and charming, and he always refills your whiskey glass as he elucidates the finer points of three act structure. I’ve learned more about writing from drinking whiskey with Daniel than I ever did in college. I’ve never known him to take an uninformed stance on anything. He has a PhD in Creative Writing and has traveled the world and seen things, man. He’s seen things.

Normally, he blogs about writing, but today, he felt the moral obligation to post this letter to Republicans about Trump. I almost never post overtly political blogs, but like Daniel, I feel that opposing Trump is a moral obligation. He said what I want to say better than I ever could, so I’m sharing it here. Thank you Daniel for this brilliant, informed, powerful piece of writing.

The Incompetent Writer

I’m calling on Republicans to repudiate Donald Trump.

Before I explain why, here is a quick note to regular readers: I realise that this post may not be popular with everyone who reads this blog. You come to my site for writing advice and reading recommendations, not for my political opinions.

Plus, I’m not American. Who cares what some British intellectual thinks about the Republican Primary?

On the other hand, I live and work in the U.S. And I intend to seek citizenship as soon as I legally can. And I’m close to many people, here in Appalachia, who I imagine are planning to vote for Trump, and what I write in this post, if they read it, may well hurt and upset them.


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