I keep trying to say something meaningful about Brussels, and in truth, there is nothing to be said. My love is with you, for whatever it’s worth. My heart breaks for you, but that won’t bring back the dead. I long for the day when humanity’s dark history of violence and hatred gives way to light and peace. I write always in hopes that the marks I make on the page sink into hearts and create a modicum of love and peace, because peace begins within, and we are all war torn creatures. 

For all the mockery and outrage that happened after the attacks in Paris because people thought praying for Paris was useless and futile, I do pray for Brussels, partly because it’s all I can do right now, partly because I do believe that the thoughts we think, and the prayers we pray, have power to bring love, light, and peace into a battered age.

After all, the horror that happened today began with a thought in someone’s mind. Violence is a disease that begins in a mind. It is a plague that spreads quickly and viciously from human heart to human heart and manifests itself in horrific ways. But peace is a cure that begins in a mind. Can’t we begin something more beautiful by heading our hearts and minds in the direction of peace?

And yes, when the moment comes where we can give our money and hands and goods to cause of healing, we do that too. Of course we do that. But for now, in the shocking aftermath of yet another attack, when there is nothing to be done but read news articles and weep for the victims and reel at the monstrosities that human beings can become, I pray.

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