IMG_5958This is a little film I made of myself reading a series of six love poems I wrote while in the village. I called it “God Breathed.” This trip has been utterly transformative, and I wanted to document it artistically somehow. Reading/talking about the poems while on the sacred ground that spawned them felt like exactly what I needed to do to accomplish that.
However, this is my first foray into film editing, and I did all the filming of myself selfie-style, which means it’s wobbly at times, and there are moments when I’m quasi-noseless. I was embarrassed to post it because it’s so imperfect, but I still feel it captures the spirit of my journey.
Also, for all its defects, it comes from the prettiest, purest place in my heart. I’m the kind of girl who would rather see art that’s full of heart that glossy “perfection” generated by the corporate machine, and I figure there have to be at least one or two people out there who feel the same way. This week one of my students said she feels like every time she creates a piece of art, she adds color to the world. Such a beautiful sentiment.
Here is my little, imperfect stroke of purple for the day. So much love.