Domenico Tintoretto, The Penitent Magdalene, c. 1598

Because you were shiftless, shitting crows who saw shiny things and wanted them but couldn’t comprehend true treasure.

Because he and I were hawks, and you couldn’t drag us out of the sky.

Because he was always mine.

Because when I lost everything, I lost nothing.

Because you couldn’t take him from me, and he was all I ever really had.

Because love is a force that binds souls through all time, through all space.

Because time and space are illusions, but love is real.

Because the light shines on in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it.

Because the shackles you placed on his ankles are slipping.

Because you can lock up his body, but you cannot chain his mind.

Because you tore down your own pagan temple trying to kill me, but here I am, still standing in the rubble.

Because you didn’t break me.

Because by hunting me, you helped me to see that love is stronger than death.

Because I survived my own death by loving him.

Because the sacred fire of God burned me down to bones.

Because I screamed and died and thought of his eyes and phoenixed my way back from ashes.

Because enlightenment was the love that was left when everything else burned away.

Because the bones of the ones you murdered rise up to bear witness.

Because just over the horizon, an invisible army marches.

Because they know all our names.

Because they see true.

Because we are all about to be exposed as what we really are.

Because the dawn is coming.

Because light cleanses the evil done at midnight.

Because lies die in the rising day.

Because only love is eternal.

Because something way bigger than any of us is writing this story.

Because you tried to turn a love poem into a horror flick.

Because you couldn’t.

Because you didn’t have the pen.

Because God did.

Because the part of the story where we see love’s victory is here.

Because I let you think you won, but we were never playing the same game.

Because you never tamed me.

Because you can have your paper crown.

Because you can keep your bloated, soulless sycophants.

Because if I wanted those people to love me, I never would have stood where I did.

Because I only ever stood for him.

Because he knows it.

Because I know what you did.

Because I see he never betrayed me.

Because you accomplished nothing.

Because the time for lying has come to an end.

Because castles made of sand are swallowed by the sea.

Because eventually, truth finds it voice.

Because you were always the dangerous ones.

Because there are saints who see to the other side.

Because I am one of them.

Because I was never a whore.

Because the tide is turning.

Because I am the net that God is spreading to catch him when he falls.

Because I would rather die than betray him.

Because treachery is your middle name.

Because I will crown him the king he was born to be.

Because I dub you queen of the trailer park.

Because God tested our hearts to see who could be tempted.

Because I was not.

Because my final answer will always be, “I love him.”

Because tonight angels told me I passed my test.

Because your grade is between you and God.

Because I pray for you even though I don’t want to, but when I pray for him, my prayers have wings.

Because you didn’t even dent his beauty.

Because the only thing that makes me feel true pity for you is you were too blind to see the heaven in his eyes.

Because aren’t those who look at Christ and see a cash cow the most pitiful of men?

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