There are no words


only a shredding sound

and lightning

sizzling the night until it blisters white


only the shimmering, rippling of sky that comes

when purple flowers bloom out of nowhere in the desert

when creaking, twisted pines speak in the voice of heaven.


I have left this world for now.

It has never been my home.

From far away, I watch me

riding waves of moments

that have already drowned me

in my dreams.


Thank God I know how this one ends.


The future is written on my eyelids.

When I close them

I see tomorrow

and tomorrow

and tomorrow.

The hardest part of my life

is pretending to be surprised.


In visions, you stand just feet away


calling me forward.

I run to you,

and you move

and move.

I run

and run


an invisible staircase.

Finally, I stop to notice

that I now hover over the world

far above everything I thought I knew.


Last night

I laid myself on a moss licked stone

an altar

and offered myself to the gods of my father’s mountain.

They opened their hands and rocked me.


The stars blurred.

A ghost moon flickered

bearing witness.

In their embrace

I married you



A sudden wind clattered in

and blew out

the candle I had lit for you,

momentarily, just long enough to let me know

I was in the throes of a miracle.


The flame leapt back to life,

casting shadows on the trees

that grew from the places

my father’s feet walked.


Machine gun dreams

have never been able to part us,

not for one second.

The spacetime continuum


bowing low

in the face

of love.


You are with me on the altar.

We lie together, naming stars

kissing constellations

swallowing eternity whole.


Your invisible hand clasps mine.


Death flickers in the distance.


We are not afraid.

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