A photo of a strange, gelatinous creature, by David Dinner. 
Last night, I had writer’s block, so I decided that I would write a poem about the first post that appeared in my newsfeed on Facebook.  The lucky winner was an odd, lovely post by my friend, David Dinner, puzzling over strange, gelatinous creatures he’d seen on the beach that day (see above).  I kept my promise to me.  I think the poem ended up being about mermaids and promises and love.  Among other things. Who knew gelatinous creatures could be so inspiring? Unicorns, you’ve met your match.
I speak to you from the mount
of strange gelatinous creatures
where walking on water ain’t shit
but legs on land?
Now that’s a thing.
I will make miracles for you.
I will read your past in salted tea leaves
and serve you up a cup of stars.
I will deliver to you the meaning of Christmas
and translate the oracle of Captain Ahab
into the mysterious language of bats.
I’m talking sonar, mother fuckers.
Slip into my coral bed.
Sleep beside me.
My eyes burn with longing.
My fins quiver.
If only if only
I could surf the sand with you.
Listen, long legged lover
sink into sunset with me.
Let maw-mouthed tangerine sky
swallow you whole.
Take the hand of
one of the animals that didn’t quite
make it onto the ark, two by two.
We are the forgotten ones
who drowned by the thousands.
But the gods of seaweed had mercy
raised us up mermaids
and men who are lovers of myrrh.
I am an underwater Hildegard von Bingen
I have learned to astral project.
I land on land each time the sun plummets
never mind my tail.
My insides are made of oysters and pearls.
I have more in common with snails
than people.
I am Anne Boleyn’s ghost.
On the evening my marriage was annulled
I picked up my head and slipped mist-like
into the bed of my soul’s true love.
I taught him to sing in the tongues of angels.
I licked his scales til they glowed.

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